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10 Ways to Prepare for a Business Branding Session

Written By: Anna Behning

March 29, 2022

If you've landed here, it's likely that (1) you are thinking of getting your business branding photos done or (2) you already have them scheduled! I'm here to help you prepare for the best branding photo experience possible. Here are 10 ways you can prepare for your business branding photography session.

  1. Make sure your business brand is defined. What is that you do? How are you serving your clients? What problems do you solve for your ideal client? What colors represent your brand? What feelings come to mind when you think about your business? All of these things and more are essential to completing a successful brand photoshoot.

  2. Share your brand with your photographer. Make sure your photographer knows your colors, style, words, actions, values, and beliefs of your business. They will be capturing the essence of your business and should be just as knowledgable on the subject as you are.

  3. Create a Pinterest board of brand related ideas. Scrolling on Pinterest can help you narrow down what types of products you are drawn to and ideas of how you could use them in your branding images. Create a board full of all the things that draw your attention and then narrow it down to your favorite images.

  4. Think about locations that your ideal client would be attracted to. If you're a personal trainer, your ideal client might be found in a smoothie shop, the local sports store, or in the gym. If you're a real estate agent, your clients are thinking about decorating their home, making personal space, or finally picking out the best furniture for their house. Take your photos in a place that your ideal client is already looking.

  5. Hire models that will portray your brand. Are you a female-only gym? Do you target young engaged couples? Hire models that fit your brand aesthetic. Include diversity if that's a core value in your business. Think about people in your life that have been or could be an ideal client for your business and ask them to model for you.

  6. Pick out your clothing. Clothing yourself in your brand colors is an easy place to start. But also think about the background of your location. Will the colors clash? Make sure you have a variety of outfits so that it doesn't look like you took all these photos on the same day.

  7. Bring props. If you're a podcaster - bring your microphone. If you're a financial analyst, bring your computer and interest rate charts. If you're a photographer, bring your camera. If you're a real estate agent, bring your "for sale" or "sold" signs. Adding in props will give you a variety of photos to use in your everyday marketing.

  8. Create a "must-have" list. Communicate with your photographer to come up with a must-have photo list. This will help guarantee that you get photos you expected. It will also help your photographer pose you through your session and know what to expect when arriving.

  9. Think about how you will use these photos. If you know you'll be using them for Instagram, make sure the photographer provides you with a multitude of vertical photos, as they generally perform better in the Instagram algorithm. If you'll only be using them for print marketing products, create a layout for your brochure and think about photos that would look best in those spaces.

  10. Don't stress. Remember that no one's branding is perfect. However, if you show up as the most authentic version of yourself and portray your business with passion, your clients will come running.

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