Doing Things Different for your Senior Pictures

The biggest complaint I hear from people when they talk about the senior photo industry is that "every photo looks the same. I don't want my photos to look like so-and-so's photos" It's ESPECIALLY true in a small town. Heck, honestly even I remember thinking I didn't want my senior photos to be exactly like every one of my classmates!

So, how do we avoid this?

I'll be honest, it's easy as a photographer to get into a rut. We use the same poses, the same locations, and recommend the same outfits all. the. time. However, if you truly want to stand out you gotta pick your photographers brain! Start by answering these questions for your photographer:

  1. What makes you different from all of your classmates? (Ex. I play volleyball, teach dance lessons, and love to read books etc.) This immediately makes me as your photographer want to capture you with your volleyball outfit, dancing in a field, and incorporating your favorite books!

  2. Is there any locations in your hometown that have special meaning to you? (Ex. Your first job was at your hometown Dairy Queen) Awesome, let's grab an ice cream cone and style your shoot around a memory that's important to you!

  3. What outfits are you most comfortable in and yet stylish for your graduation year? It never fails, go back a few years and look at someone's senior pictures. Styles change! But that's part of the fun! No matter what you wear, you're future kids are going to laugh at you, so you might as well be comfy!!

These questions will give you a leg up when it comes to unique senior photographs. And trust me, your photographer will thank you for having ideas ready for your session!

Blog by Anna Behning, a Minnesota-based Wedding, Family, + Senior Photographer. Anna loves photography just as much as she loves traveling. She also has a mini golden-doodle named Charlie that enjoys snuggling and eating anything that falls on the floor.

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