How I made all my wedding flowers for less than $200

Balling on a tight wedding budget? Try making your own floral arrangements instead of paying someone to do it for you!

After I posted my bridal party floral arrangements on TikTok, I got ALOT of comments asking me to share how I made my bouquets. Here they are for reference:

And here's the TikTok in case you missed it: (follow me @anna.behning)

After receiving several quotes ranging from $500 - $1,000, I decided I was going to try making my own arrangements. I made the bridal bouquet, five bridesmaids bouquets, and another floral piece that will go on our head table with the following items. I have to say I'm pretty impressed with how they turned out for being a complete beginner.

See below for all the links to the artificial flowers I purchased:

1. Eucalyptus Stems: Find it on Amazon here.

I only purchased 1 package of these to begin with, but looking back, I wish I would've purchased more. These were some of my favorite stems to add greenery to the bouquets. At $9.99 for 10 pieces, I'd say that's a pretty good deal.

2. Eucalyptus Branches: Find it on Amazon here.

I HIGHLY recommend purchasing these. Even though they come at a bit of a higher price tag ($18.99 for 5 pieces), they changed the whole look of my bouquets are were extremely gorgeous wherever I placed them! I ended up cutting each of the 5 pieces into smaller branches to place throughout my arrangements.

3. Pampas Grass: Find it on Amazon here.

Although I was envisioning these stems to be a bit larger than they actually were, I really loved the colors. Instead of the normal tan pampas grass, these colors completely matched my vision and added just a bit of the "boho" feel to my bouquets.

4. Baby's Breath: Find it on Amazon here.

To be honest I wasn't extremely pleased with the "life-like" look of these when they first arrived at my door. However, once I mixed them with the rest of the floral, I liked the look of them a lot better. They did a good job of adding just a bit of "extra" to fill out the bouquet. I ordered 2 of these from Amazon.

5. Burgundy, Burnt Orange, & Cream Roses: Find it on Amazon here, here, and here.

I was very impressed with the quality and look of these roses. Because burgundy was the main color I was going for, I ordered the 50-piece package in burgundy and the 25-piece package in burnt orange and cream. I had left overs of all and plan to use them for center pieces. They also came with green leaves to surround each of the roses and I liked how this added just a bit more greenery to the bouquets.

6. Burgundy Ribbon: Find it on Amazon here.

I used this ribbon to cover the stems of the bouquets. If I were to purchase again I may have chosen a smaller thickness of ribbon (this one was 2 inches wide). Although the color was just about perfect, I had a little difficulty wrapping it around the stems since it was so wide.

7. Burgundy & White Peonies: Find it at Walmart here and here.

I ended up buying this in the store and not online, but I believe this is the correct link to similar peonies on their website. After ordering on Amazon, I needed just a little bit of filler with different flowers other than roses and these did the trick!

8. Extras Needed:

To be completely transparent, there were a few other small flowers I picked up at Walmart, but I could not find them on their website. Once you get your base flowers together you'll realize you need just a bit more filler. That's when I made the trip to Walmart to find those extra additions.

I also recommend purchasing some type of floral tape to bind your stems together before putting your ribbon over top of the stems. This will even out the stems and hold the arrangement together better. Some thing like this should do the trick.

Also needed is a good set of wire cutters or pliers. Many of these floral pieces have wire stems that could not be cut with a regular sizers. That is when a good set of wire cutters came in extra handy. If you don't have these in your tool kit at home, these would work.

Lastly, the process of putting everything together was definitely just trial and error. I started by grabbing the base layers and adding as I went. The bridal bouquet ended up using more flowers than I expected, but I wanted it to be pretty large and full.

For the bridesmaid bouquets, I used the exact same amount of each type of flower in each of them so that they would be very similar to each other.

Overall, it probably took me about 2 full days to get these put together, but I'm extremely happy with how they turned out and I'm glad I saved the money. Good luck and have fun!

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