Seeing Seattle in Two Days!

Are you traveling to Seattle soon? Looking for places to get that perfect travel photo? I recently traveled to Seattle and visited these locations all in 2 days!

My best friend, Cayla, and I booked last minute tickets to Seattle for the weekend. I arrived late Friday night and left early Monday morning giving us Saturday & Sunday to see the city! Here's how I'd rank our top 10 locations from our January trip!

10. Gas Works Park

Last minute, my friend that lives in Seattle recommended that we see the city skyline from this park. Although I bet this is normally a gorgeous place to visit, it was DOWN POURING when we arrived. We quick hiked the small hill to see the skyline and ran back to the car soaking wet. Definitely recommend visiting when there is not rain in the forecast.

9. The Gum Wall

Even though it makes for really cool pictures, it's actually super disgusting. The second you round the corner you can smell hubba-bubba and spit festering in the air - haha! The colors are pretty cool, but if germs aren't your thing, I wouldn't recommend!

8. Pike Place

We had an amazing time walking around Pike Place! I was amazed by the amount of gorgeous fresh flowers the market had! There's also tons of photographic opportunities. The sign by the entrance is probably the most notable, but there's also a cool view of the Seattle Wheel (the Ferris Wheel) on the edge of Pike Place.

7. Mt. Erie

If you aren't in the mood for a big long hike, take the drive up Mt. Erie. This is north of Seattle a little over an hour, but totally worth the drive! Make sure you stop at each pull off on your way up because each of the views is worth it!

6. Snoqualmie Pass

There is super easy access and free parking to see the Snoqualmie Falls! Again, it was raining when we got there so we didn't spend a ton of time here, but it was definitely worth the stop! We didn't go into the shops due to a time restraint, but they looked fabulous!

5. Twin Falls Hike

Absolutely stunning. An easy 3ish-mile hike there and back to see two gorgeous waterfalls! Totally recommend!

4. Mt. Si (view from North Bend Premium Outlets)

Although the outlets were semi a bust, we got a SICK photo of Mt. Si from the parking lot! We didn't have time to hike the Mountain, but it was beautiful to view from the mall parking lot!

3. Kubota Gardens

Even though it isn't the nicest of neighborhoods that the gardens are surrounded by, it feels like you are walking into a magical forest when you enter these gardens. The perfect place for a photoshoot or just a small walk to breath in the fresh air. Don't miss this stop!

2. Sunset at Cranberry Lake

The most incredible sunset I've ever seen. You can also see Deception Pass from the beach at Cranberry Lake. I highly recommend visiting this beach at sunset after a hike around Deception Pass.

1. Deception Pass Drive, walk, and hike around this gorgeous bridge. We spent way more time than we thought we would around this bridge. You can hike down to the beach and under the bridge in addition to walk across the bridge. I recommend budgeting a minimum of an hour for this location!

And there you have it! Our trip to Seattle ranked by my favorite locations! I hope you have a fantastic trip and experience Seattle and the surrounding area to it's fullest! Enjoy!

Blog by Anna Behning, a Minnesota-based Wedding Photographer. Anna loves photography just as much as she loves traveling. She also has a mini golden-doodle named Charlie that enjoys snuggling and eating anything that falls on the floor.

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