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Welcome to The Wedding Crashers: a video & podcast series where wedding photographer Anna Behning interviews wedding day professionals in an effort to assist couples in planning their dream weddings.

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Episode 06:

Debbie Bowman Art

A talented artist and entertainer, Debbie Bowman, joins me on The Wedding Crashers to discuss live wedding painting. Capturing your whole wedding day in one portrait is what Debbie strives for on wedding days. A live wedding painting is something that will be cherished for many generations.

Episode 05:

Mast Wedding Films

Videographers & photographers work together tirelessly to capture and preserve your wedding day. In this week's episode of The Wedding Crashers, Videographer Jesse Mast joins Photographer Anna Behning to discuss the benefits of hiring a professional videographer for your wedding day.

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Episode 04:

The Beauty Room

Kat from The Beauty Room joins us on this week's episode of The Wedding Crashers! Her many years of experience serving brides in the beauty industry allows her to share some amazing advice about hair, makeup, skin care, and waxing in this episode.

Episode 03:

Thistle & Dot Floral

Ready to add a little bit of SPICE to your wedding day? Create beautiful Floral design with Jaime at Thistle & Dot Floral. Jaime will work with any color pallet to make your floral dreams come true on your wedding day!


Episode 02:

Ellie Stone Bride

Ellie Stone Bride Store Manager, Chloe Howe, joins me on episode 2 of The Wedding Crashers. Experiencing dress doubt? Not sure which style is the best for you? Chloe is here to answer all your wedding dress questions!

Episode 01:

605 Dietitian

Episode 1 of The Wedding Crashers features registered dietitian and soon-to-be bride, 605 Dietitian, Kelsey Johnson. We discuss what to serve at your wedding, how to prepare your body and mind for your wedding day, and how to become the best version of yourself.